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We had 5 years straight at The Avalon restaurant's cocktail bar area, but life and events cause change. The last 6 months of the residency had been our biggest and we had outgrown its size. The demand was for more dancefloor orientated events after out first Catch A-Groove party in 2015 in Mt Victoria. We would still love to do a monthly event where we can play more relaxed bar type music, but until we find that perfect venue, we will still throw the occasional party. Currently we are partnered up with The Baroque Room in Katoomba for all of our larger events.


We are totally all VINYL only. Lovely analogue technology at 33 1/3 and 45rpm. The medium is the message.


Jazz, Soundtracks, Exotica, Latin, YeYe, Funk, Soul, Downtempo, Dub, Big Band, Afrobeat, Lounge, Psych, Easy, Disco, Boogie...


The strip above contains most of the posters for the night, which I've graphically cannibalised from an assortment of vintage paperbacks, magazines, record covers and film posters.


Need some design work created, then email me, Jason at: or contact via HERE.

We've also personally held over 13 larger scale parties in the Blue Mountains. As well as musically assisting other restaurants & venues with their own events.

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