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It's a scary proposition to unleash your personal pet project onto the world. But hey, anyone who reads YouTube comments is surely used to faceless internet tough guys with abusive opinions by now.

I really just winged it on this debut issue as I had no idea where I was going with it. Did I want to make a horror mag? Yes, but the market is swamped with horror focused only titles, so I thought I'd just incorporate all the genres that I love into one big ol' happy paper delivered bundle. You know, like give some love to the films & DVD/Blu-Ray/VHS releases that don't get much coverage.


Is 48pages enough? No, not at all. But it's all I can afford on a $10 budget. And more than that might equal a time inducing headache.


I must give it up for mags like Shock Cinema, Videoscope, Video Watchdog, Rue Morgue, Weng's Chop & all the DVD/Blu-Ray labels dedicated to the unleashing of forgotten or mistreated films in the best presentations possible. The histories of abused ratios, VHS transfers, bootlegs & other crappy elements are slowly becoming a thing of the past. Oh, btw, this is an Australian based publication, so overseas post is expensive.


Still working on #1 and #2. As well as saving my pennies for publication.

The closer I get to a publishing date the more likelihood of better updates.

A trailer I did for some of the films within #0 of Optic Intake.

A quick flick through the actual pages of #0 of Optic Intake.

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