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My life has been obsessed with film & music. I have zero interest in fashion, apart from t-shirts & have little to no interest in sports, though I do like to play an exciting game of 'Pine Cone Chase' with the dog on the daily. 

I really don't want to bore the pants off you with my story, but I did go vanity mad with a 4page essay in #0, so you can regale my adventures to your friends & dwell in envy. I only wrote it as a warning to some, as it may scare them off buying the next issue, but also, as maybe a tale of familiarity to others of like mind. You know...great brains get eaten a lot, er I mean...Great Minds Think Alike. Or maybe just socially awkward people like myself can relate.


But seriously. I found myself out of work due to some massive changes at the cinema I worked at. The spillover from a digital upgrade caused my unemployment. And living in an area where fulltime work is hard to come by, I thought I'd endeavour to do something productive with my spare time whilst looking for work. Hence this magazine, which will also hopefully translate into a somewhat kind of portfolio for my design skills.


Years ago in the mid 90s I did start work on a B&W fanzine called BOTTOM SHELF. I had most the 24pages finished, but alas I never actually put it out. It focused on the VHS tapes that were always left alone on...the bottom shelf in video rental stores. I would rent 10 of them at a time for the weekly rate of $10. Bargainous!!! 


Moving ahead 20years later & I still have the inner desire to contribute something in return to what I had taken. This mag/zine is my attempt to do so.  



Back when it all began in the mid 80s. I think this is 1986. The Ninja Turtle was influenced by Eastman & Laird's Mirage comic I was reading at the time.

Photo credit: Mikey Freedom

Putting together the layout for my mag VAPORS in 1989. Photo was taken for an issue of The Bulletin magazine.

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